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About Me

About Me

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My friends call me Dez, and I'm a product designer based in Austin, TX.

I made the transition from freelance design to a corporate UI design position at Bazaarvoice in early 2010. I spent the next four and a half years working alongside some of the most kind and talented people I've ever met, building user-generated content displays for some of the web's biggest eCommerce properties (you can see some examples of my favorites in my portfolio).

In 2014, I started my journey in UX and product design by joining a small startup named Rivet Works that also focused on user-generated content. There, I was able to act as a generalist, supporting multiple teams and using nearly every design, marketing, and engineering skill I possessed.

I most recently joined a political tech startup, Value Voting, initially as a front-end developer. We were lucky enough to be selected for the Summer 2017 batch of Y Combinator companies, and I'm now designing and launching our new voter education platform as our design and front-end development lead.

Cut my life into pie charts, this is my last report